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Silverticket provides a system to sell tickets on our site or to build your own unique white-label website for a certain event or for all the organizer’s events. We have set up a list of features to choose between. It's easy for organizers because they simply have to fill in the event details and choose what features they would like to use. Silverticket's dashboard is easy to use and fully automated.

You sell

Silverticket sells tickets via cost-effective sales platform while helping you to maximize sales revenue and/or attendance through live analytics.

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Silverticket provides organizer with regular reports including sales analysis and attendance profile so organizer could adjust their event and additional services provided suitable for the attendance. Silverticket’s services are fully automatic and fees are calculated on turnover only which makes our services affordable to events in any size. We recommend consumers to sign up using either Facebook or Google account to gather data and enable more features for consumers. Thanks to that we can provide organizers with additional data.