For event organizers

Opportunity to build their own unique website for the event and sell tickets via cost-effective Silverticket sales platform while maximizing sales revenue and/or attendance through dynamic pricing. Silverticket provides organizer with regular reports including sales analysis and attendance profile so organizer could adjust their event and additional services provided suitable for the attendance. Silverticket’s services are fully automatic and fees are calculated on turnover only which makes our services affordable to events in any size.

You list

Silverticket is a fully automated service. It’s easy and quick to set up - simply fill in event details and your unique page is ready for action.

We sell

Once You have created an event, we take care of Your sales and ensure that the optimal volume of visitors will attend.

You host

Get a list of your attendees, scan the tickets using free Silverticket mobile app and just host Your memorable event.

For Guests

Potential guests can explore nearby events any time, search for the best offer available if exploring in advance or even immediately and make a ticket purchase easily in just two clicks while avoiding queues. Dynamic pricing offers potential visitors to find good deals straight before the events if there are unsold tickets left for the venue.


Silverticket marketplace gives an unique opportunity to explore all you need to know about events in a single marketplace.


Buy tickets to events from that very same marketplace, get discount and special offers.


Find a companion to go with, search for or offer a ride to the venue, give feedback etc.

For Freelancers

Silverticket's marketplace for event planners gives freelancers an opportunity to take project-based jobs to help event planners with digital media marketing, design, video making, web page customization etc. Event planners list their events with a request for a specific project to complete and freelancers can accept to accomplish it.

For Companies

Silverticket’smarketplace for event planners brings different types of companies an opportunity to provide services or sponsorships to different types of events. Silverticket's database with attendee profiles helps companies to reach specific target groups they desire to address whether through sponsoring events or selling their products on the venue or providing other kinds of services for the event planners.